How do we turn key talents into activists able to spread the culture of global collaboration we need?



Sandvik is a Swedish global engineering company with 45,000 employees and a focus on materials technology in cutting tools. Established 150 years ago it has succeeded through combining a focus on innovation and technology leadership with close, long-term customer relationships. As it heads into the future, it needs to focus on its core capabilities and serve local customers, while supporting its key talent to work effectively to lead others in a global environment. This talent has been nominated by leaders across the different Business Areas of the group.



The Learning & Development Director requires an upgrade in the design of an existing leadership program to support the ability of leaders to drive global collaboration in an environment of volatility and uncertainty. This new program needs to take a diverse group of leaders on a learning journey involving a total of 5.5 days of training in two modules with learning support provided both before and in-between modules. There is a need for designing and delivering this program in partnership with an internal member of the Sandik L&D team who can help ground the learning in Sandvik business reality.




TCO International supported Sandvik in designing and delivering a solution that integrated a more powerful approach to leadership development centred around global agility. We broadened the focus of the program beyond cultural sensitivity-raising to managing collaboration across boundaries with the idea that a key challenge in global environments is breaking down organisational and functional silos as well as cultural ones.
We also introduce new themes of international team development and managing personal change. In order to increase involvement and engagement with the learning we introduced some TCO signature activities that involve a more experiential approach to learning. At the same time we worked with a Sandvik internal trainer who was able to introduce insightful activities on managing personal change in an organisation that is changing rapidly.


While still at early stage of the project, the feedback to the program has been very positive. There is a perception that the program keeps people energised and focused all the time, while remaining relevant to the workplace. There is a particularly high score on the way the program helps in applying the right judgement in complex and unfamiliar challenges, which is integral to global agility. The position of the program as one of the key planks to corporate leadership development within the organisation has been cemented.


This project has helped considerably in our thinking about how to help corporate leadership programs support managers from very different working backgrounds in building their readiness for handling complexity, diversity and change in a large corporate environment