How can we offer a simple, fast and flexible way to ensure global assignees hit the ground running?



Throughout the years, TCO International has partnered with organisations like Barilla, Luxottica, Comau, Centrica, Eni, etc to support their expatriate managers in both short and long term assignments.



While the organisational context may change, the needs of the community of international assignees remain the same:

  • Identify the key competencies needed for the international role
  • Learn about essential basic cultural elements of the host country and the potential mismatches with one’s profile
  • Support the candidate in preventing or overcoming specific challenges
  • Help the candidate to clarify long term personal and professional goals to become more strategic in preparing for the next career step (moving back to HQ or to another country)
  • Understand what HQ wants from the candidate/ the assignment
  • Understand the local superior (goals, style and expectations)
  • Identify key players locally and how to create bridges
  • Identify key stakeholders in HQ
  • Understand how to ‘make a good impression’ right from the start
  • Understand how to build trust with local colleagues/employees and mobilize them to get excellent results
  • Identify one or two key initiatives to create ‘quick wins’ and establish credibility



We have developed a flexible and personalized development path called the GLOBAL MOBILITY PROGRAM that supports the expats through the critical stages of expatriation: pre-departure, post-departure and re-entry. A quick, but extremely powerful format of distance coaching supported by development tools adaptable to the specific requirements, both in terms of content and of timing.

The GLOBAL MOBILITY programme focuses on the competencies needed for all international roles, as well as covering essential cultural aspects of the host country. It helps the individual to plan how to satisfy the differing priorities of the company’s global head-quarters, its local team and other local stakeholders. It also offers practical tips on making a good impression from the start, building trust and establishing credibility through ‘quick wins’. For the longer term, participants can draw up ‘International Personal Development Plans’ to help them progress their own careers.

As well as initial coaching, it includes ongoing coaching sessions aimed at maintaining effectiveness and address specific issues. There are also sessions at the end of the assignment aimed at helping organisations retain staff and share the learning the individual has acquired on the assignment. We remain engaged with the HR team throughout thanks for a new online tracking and stakeholders – communication system.


We have developed into an art the ability to support people on their international assignments. While helping the single managers to deal with the increased ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability we accelerate their ability to become effective in the new cultural context through a cost-effective, efficient and tailor-made approach. Organisations, in turn, manage to retain talent and hard won experience and build that level of readiness needed for global deployment.

Just to quote some of the comments on the Global Mobility Program:




of expatriates declare the support given is between “good” and “excellent”.


of the expats would strongly recommend the process to a colleague


of the expats would recommend the coaching sessions unconditionally;


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Our Global Mobility approach has developed significantly over the years. We are now about to launch a new online tracking system that connects all the stakeholders involved in the coaching process: HR Corporate, HRBPs, Coaches and TCO International. This system will further accelerate the flexibility of our programme making is even more ‘on the fly’ and able to adapt to both the global and the local demands of the assignment.