We accelerate ‘Global Agility’: the ability to think, act and create value in an interconnected VUCA world.


the speed and frequency of change


the lack of predictability


the interaction of multiple variables


the lack of clarity

We’ve worked with our clients as they have become global. Now we’re helping them to face the new challenges of a turbulent, unpredictable and complex global environment.
Our programmes are practical ones, based on 25 years supporting for more than 60,000 people in over 100 organisations across 140 countries.

Our open workshops and tailored-made solutions are designed to boost productivity among global organisations at all levels by building key capabilities – the need to innovate at speed, the need to collaborate at distance and the need to accelerate the delivery of results across cultural diversity.
They also build deeper qualities which enable people to deal with the complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability that characterise today’s business environment.


In The late 1980s we started by helping individuals acquire the language, communication and cultural skills needed to work across borders in a newly uniting Europe. We moved on to helping international teams within growing organisations to integrate and collaborate. Since 2010 we have been working with entire organisations at the global level, helping them to build the capabilities they need to deliver their international strategies.

Much of our focus has been on helping people in organisations to expand their awareness and skills, explore new markets and build relationships in new locations. The focus has been on what makes others different, and how to bridge the gap through cultural awareness and language skills.


While those challenges have not gone away, new ones have emerged. The pace and complexity of change means that millions are now navigating new and unfamiliar territory. We are all, in a sense, expatriates, without leaving our own desk.

Meanwhile today’s pace of change has created a generation of leaders with new concerns. The question is no longer “How do we go global?” but “How do we grow globally in this highly complex, uncertain and continuously changing world?”

In today’s fast-moving, ultra-competitive, turbulent global context, new core skills are required. We describe these skills as ‘global agility’ – the ability to think, act and create value in an uncertain, fast-changing environment. This skill-set includes constant innovation; collaboration among virtual teams; and accelerated delivery of results in unfamiliar surroundings.
It means having the tools and the temperament to deal with complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability.
In short, it means not simply dealing what is unknown and unfamiliar, but relishing it; not just managing change but welcoming change.


We work in a focused, practical way that directly addresses clients’ needs [see Our Values]. Our workshops and programmes feature a series of signature experiences, including role-play, simulations and project work. These help individuals, teams and organisations build readiness and creative choices in facing unfamiliar and unexpected situations as rapidly as possible.

As well as learning through experiential activities, professionals are equipped with tools and strategies specifically designed to help them deal with today’s challenges.

TCO brings certainty, direction and balance in this new world by helping its clients develop a set of sustainable capabilities that are fit for purpose, and impervious to change, with performance at the centre.


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