This is an eye-opening, high-impact experiential workshop that provides international managers with the key skills to upgrade their ability to respond to pressure and uncertainty in a more strategic way.

You will learn:

  • Why your well-intentioned efforts of building trust with foreign colleagues, customers, employees can build resistance in them, causing underlying conflicts and unexplainable delays.
  • How to become more strategic and self-aware in your global communication, balancing the need for adaptability with authenticity, and thus get people to understand you better and respond to you in a more productive way.
  • How to be more skillful and perceptive in responding to, and finding synergies with global partners.
  • How you could deal with a critical challenge you are facing in the workplace in a more effective way.

This workshop will help you to become more ready and able to respond to the unforeseen challenges typical of the modern global workplace. You will experience the power of signature TCO International activities such as the Feedback Challenge and Meeting the Morenians.

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