The Globally Agile leader needs to draw the best out of their people so they have greater confidence and skills to flourish in a complex, and changing global environment. They need to adapt to very different cultural expectations from team-members about the role of leader as a developer of people, and be ready to engage others through the right balance of coaching and mentoring.

In this workshop you will build on the foundation Global Agility – Key Skills Workshop by learning:

  • How your cultural background has unconsciously primed you to think about how best to develop people
  • The key coaching skills of globally agile leaders, considering the critical element of cultural diversity
  • How to find the right balance between push and pull styles when developing others
  • How to be in the moment and really listen to others
  • How to engage people in memorable conversations which lead to personal change
  • How to develop people ‘on the fly’

In this 1-Day workshop, you will experience the power of signature TCO International case activities such as the Cultures Consequences on Leadership Style and our unique use of Peer-to-Peer Coaching.

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