International leaders are heavily under pressure: they must be able to hire, engage and retain employees across cultures and geographies, while delivering the business results expected from the Headquarters. They need to shape a culture of collaboration and accelerate high performance in new teams and unfamiliar parts of the organisation.

In this workshop you will build on the foundation of the Global Agility – Key Skills workshop by learning:

  • How to get things done remaining true to yourself (my way), adapting to others (your way) and finding a collective approach (our way) that gets the best of diversity.
  • How to support teams turning potential pitfalls of cultural diversity into sources of high performance.
  • How to make the right decision in ambiguous cultural and organisational contexts.
  • How to ensure that your core strengths do not work against you in culturally different contexts, and how to clearly frame them so you build bridges instead of walls.

In this 1-Day workshop, you will experience the power of signature TCO International case activities such as the Morel Team Case and The Kai Bendix Story.

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