Purpose is always our starting point.

We like to ask ‘Why’ and explore the answers together.
Why are we doing this? Why now? Why will this project make a difference?

  • Uncovering the deeper needs behind a project guides us in designing solutions.
  • We check to be sure we have understood the same thing.
  • Shared meaning and purpose are never taken for granted.
  • A common purpose around strategic needs gives meaning and impact for everyone involved.
And here’s why we exist:
Our mission in TCO International is to accelerate global agility, so people can think, act and create value in an interconnected VUCA world. We do this with as much impact as our combined talents can imagine and deliver.


We always look for better, more practical ways for our projects to make a difference.

Why approach it this way? What are the alternatives?

  • We do this in partnership with our clients and consulting team.
  • Partnership means giving others what they need to trust us. It works both ways.
  • Together we challenge the status quo. We see possibilities. One habit here is asking ‘Why not?’
  • Another is combining unexpected people to meet your needs.
  • We balance creative thinking with rigorous planning, delivery and follow-up.
  • We build a reputation for being reassuringly reliable and creatively challenging.
  • Commitments here are never taken lightly. We say ‘no’ when we can’t see a vision of success.
  • When genuine mistakes occur we admit them, learn fast and move on.
  • We aim to positively surprise everyone involved in our projects – including ourselves.
  • This reminds us we can dream higher next time.
  • It also ensures we all look forward to the next project.


Test your influencing agility

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