Let’s get started!

Imagine this context:

Imagine you are in critical situation in a project and you need to move things forward – but you’re not the boss. What do you do?
Be honest, answer as you are now, not as you’d like to be.

Choose the statement that is more true for you (statement on the right, or statement on the left), and then rate it:

1= this is A BIT more true of me, compared to the other option
2= this is DEFINITELY more true than the other option

I don’t invole others and decide by myself


I involve others and explore possibilities with them

I am focused on my long term goals


I am focused on finding new perspectives

I am sometimes pushy to reach my final goal


I am sometimes distracted from my final goal

I am more determined than patient


I am more patient than determined

I go straight towards my goal


I get distracted along the way towards my goal

My proposal is valuable: I will show you how you will benefit


I am open to listen to your point of view, it may benefit me

I bounce back quickly when things go wrong


I am curious about what’s right in others’ views

I inspire a positive view of the future for others


I am inspired by others’ diverse views of the future

I act to move forward


I re-think how things could be

I have a strong sense of urgency


I pause for thought

My needs should be met first before I can focus on others’ needs


Others’ needs should be met first before I can focus on my needs