David Trickey

Senior Partner

I spread Global Agility into the far corners of the organisation.

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark - Michelangelo Buonarroti

As a strategist in Global Agility I develop ways for the wider organisation to accelerate the ability to think, act and create value in an interconnected VUCA world. This focus comes naturally out of being a ‘foreign’ entrepreneur, as well as specialist in intercultural and change management. My insight on the subject has been influenced by various schools of thought, but the way I have chosen to work is stable. It can be found in Our Operating System. It shows what you can expect from me and anyone in our team.

Like many, I’m energised when I’m making a real impact. This happens when I combine my own talents and experience with the unique qualities of others – my team, partners, associates and clients.  From my side you get a restless desire to imagine what the future could look like – for individuals, teams or organisations - if we did things differently. I’m an enthusiastic and creative optimist with heavy enough organisational ‘boots’ to stay grounded and make projects work.

The challenges our client companies face have shifted over time. I make sure that we keep pace with and even anticipate these changes. I see our clients today under huge pressure to do more with less and ‘innovate or die’ - often through virtual collaboration, across cultures in matrix organisations.  This is something I have been doing for years: holding together a global network of associates with different priorities by consciously building trust and common purpose.

It is now clear to me that the most interculturally ‘developed’ players in organisations are also those best able to ride the unpredictable waves of change, thrive on setbacks, morph themselves into new and needed roles and build bridges across organisational boundaries. Having worked on projects with over 100 demanding MNCs, NGOs and Business Schools across 25 countries, my conclusion is: global agility is the skill set organisations need to spread widely if they aim to thrive (rather than implode) in today’s VUCA world.  My mission with the team is global agility acceleration; our vision is scaling these skills up to include the whole workforce.

I have personally contributed to accelerating the global agility of top leaders, managers, talents and professionals in many geographies, sectors and contexts. I have co-developed tools, approaches, models, psychometric questionnaires, e-learning, workshop formats, experiential activities, books, videos – collaborating with cartoonists, theatrical improvisation specialists, film producers and content specialists in over 500 projects. Some of these are illustrated in the Case Studies section of our website.

My own global agility is tested continuously. British, but 25 years living outside the UK – mainly in Italy; a childhood changing house and country every few years, and now 100 days a years travelling the globe for projects.  My wife is Italian. Our daughter, born in the UK and brought up in Italy, now works in London – bi-lingual; bicultural. This has taught me about transitions first hand. In our family we constantly plan the next bungie jump into the unfamiliar. We choose to surf unexpected events, rather than becoming victims. It leads to a complex home life, but it has made us all stronger as a result.  Global agility is personal as well as professional.

Want to spread global agility and make an impact in your organisation? It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.