Irene Gualandi

Executive Assistant

I organize the global agility around me… in a humanly-agile way!

You see the world the way you fly.

I’ve never been a “real” expatriate. Born in the north of Italy, I have lived  most of my life in Bologna, spent a few years in Rome and had a short work experience in Spain. Despite these ‘limited’ international experiences I have had the chance to practice my global agility ever since I started working for TCO International!

At the time, I really felt like a “stranger” not only because of my mono-cultural background but especially because I realized that my role involved working with diverse people, connecting with them regularly, coordinating them…and always doing this virtually!

This has led to the first important lesson I have learnt throughout these years: people are not the email they send, the faces you see on the screen during a videoconference or the sentences they write on a WhatsApp chat. People need and want to be discovered and this can only be done by spending quality time with them…So, after connecting virtually, I always take the time to discover the person hidden behind the technology and I connect humanly!

Also, in the constant discovery that ‘my normal way of doing things’ is different from other people’s ways I have learnt another very important lesson: change your habits every day. For me this means looking for and learning something new every day…and integrating it not only in my work but also in my daily life! You can choose to change, take a new route and integrate what you discover from it into your life, or you can choose to be a change ‘victim’ and loose the opportunity to discover new opportunities and routes. And.. in my 5 years with TCO International, I have taken a number of new routes!

As learning coordinator, I support the team in making sure that the operational aspects of what we do run smoothly but I am also the ‘go-to-person’ for the organization of any small to medium size events. I turn external corporate events or TCO’s internal team building days into moments to treasure mixing creativity, organization and warmth.

Want to find a balance between connecting virtually and humanly? It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.