Marianna Amy Crestani


I turn global agility ideas into action

If you are growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone – John Maxwell

I believe your past shapes your future.  That`s exactly what happened in my life. I am both bilingual and bicultural, having experienced the ups and downs of being a cultural hybrid – all thanks to the gift of dual DNA I received from my British mother and Italian father. By nature – or by destiny – I became accustomed to observing culture-specific behaviours: for example, why was my mother so strict when it came to rules while my father would easily argue that “we`ll manage it somehow”? All of this made me curious to know more about the challenges of “being international” and moving across cultures. My future was set: I had to understand more about how as individuals we both contribute to and are shaped by living and working in a globalised world.

Over nearly 10 years with TCO international, I have created an art form out of managing a team of 50 associates and partners at the centre of our development projects, as well as maintaining a constant dialogue with our clients on the most complex projects.

What I do can be an intense rollercoaster ride in balancing flexibility and co-ordination. My work means keeping the associates` activity and the client goals firmly synchronized. I liaise closely with both parties to ensure even the most complex projects go smoothly. In doing this, I have developed my own global agility less from theory and more from practice, including mistakes and failures! I need to know when to diverge and allow collective intelligence to emerge, while also sensing when it’s time to converge on commitment towards a common goal. This reflects my leadership style and personal quality and my approach to collaboration in unfamiliar and constantly changing global contexts.

Both clients and associates seem to appreciate my strong blend of organisational skills, subject matter expertise and relationship building ability. In other words, I get things done on time, know what I`m talking about, constantly strive to raise the bar and do all this in a warm and accessible way.

By becoming a partner of TCO International in 2013, I have also become part of TCO’s vision for the future, co- shaping it to accelerate its ability to become a truly agile organization. This has also meant establishing a series of thought-provoking partnerships with diverse professionals in the area of innovation and research & development which you can read in our ‘ Joining the Dots’ area.


The saying ‘never stop feeding your thirst for knowledge’, guides me in my belief about our human potential to develop. By constantly dealing with high profile clients, colleagues and collaborators from all over the world I have been faced with intricate challenges, different ways of thinking and performing which have enabled me to carry on learning about my own style of leadership.

My other true passion which I bring to TCO International is coaching: facilitating inner knowledge by being in the present and asking those apparently ‘obvious’ questions to make you think, gives me a lot of energy and gratification. I am currently undergoing the certification process to become a fully certified CO-ACTIVE coach. A powerful journey that develops from the deep awareness that coaching is not about a problem to be solved but for a life to be lived.

How do I manage to keep my global agility agile?  Listening to people, exploring their world, being sensitive to their implicit needs, supporting them in challenging prejudice so they become energised by evolving and not frustrated with the status quo.

Want to make your development dreams come true and spread global agility? It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.