Our values

Why us

  • Together we challenge the status quo. A habit is asking ‘Why not?’
  • We combine unexpected people to meet your needs
  • We balance creative thinking with rigorous planning, delivery and follow-up
  • We have a reputation for being reassuringly reliable and creatively challenging
  • Commitments are never taken lightly
  • We aim to positively surprise everyone involved in our projects – including ourselves

Our partners

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future by exploring possibilities

David Trickey

Partner &
Head of Organisational Impact

Nigel Ewington

Partner &
Head of Learning & Team Facilitation

Marianna Amy Crestani

Partner &
Head of the Coaching Practice

Our team

Irene Gualandi

Sen. learning coordinator

Sabrina Trickey

Account coordinator

Memfi Sappa

Learning coordinator

Global network of associates

Sabine Amend
Marcelo Baudino
Tim Baxter
Sue Bray
Helen Burgess
Phil Cain
Myriam Callegarin
Tommy Chan
Vassilis Chantziaras
Monika Chutnik
Richard Cook
Simone Costa Torres
Aranxta Espinal
Louise Evans
Martin Farrelly
Jessie Feng
Olga Gabrielyan

Anna Gallotti
Sonia Gavira
Edoardo Ghignone
Rosemary Harper
Tim Hill
Maneesha Kapur
Ruth Ann Lake
Kasia Lanucha
Cecilia Lui
Ana Marhuenda
Morag Mcgill
Nina Merrens
Andra Morosi
Anne Niesen
Bjørn Christian Nørbech
Ping Pu

Maureen Rabotin
Karla Reyes Bedoya
Julia Rogers
Lisa Ross-Marcus
Yan Sai
Francesca Sellani
Regula Sindemann
Marilyn Stanton
Adelina Stefan
Anne Stenbom
Claudia Strixner
Nicola Tornaletti
Giuseppe Totino
Fransje van Bergen Dunya
Kathrin Wyss
Elfarina Zaid


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