PARTNER & head of organisational impact practice

David Trickey

As a founding partner of TCO International, my mission is to accelerate people’s ability to think (critically), act (through choice) and create value (together with others) in an increasingly unpredictable VUCA world.

This interest in adaptation comes naturally out of a nomadic childhood and being a ‘foreign’ entrepreneur, as well as specialising in the combination of intercultural effectiveness and large scale behavioural change.

What do you get from me? Creativity, restlessness with the status quo and sense of what can be done if we raise our sights and stretch our ambition.

I have 30 years of practical experience in people development projects with some of the world’s most demanding organizations, NGOs and Business Schools across 25 countries.

I have personally contributed to bringing success to leadership teams, managers, talents and professionals in many geographies, sectors and contexts.

I have co-developed tools, approaches, models, psychometric questionnaires, e-learning, workshop formats, experiential activities, books, videos – collaborating with cartoonists, theatrical improvisation specialists, film producers and content specialists in over 500 projects.

It’s been a great ride so far. Perhaps your project will be my next rollercoaster. Share your ambition with me. Let’s talk.

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