Memfi Sappa


I was born and raised in Italy but with a great passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. During and after University I had some international experiences studying and working abroad. These experiences were enriching in many ways and ignited my passion for languages and cultural differences.

I am an outgoing person and in everything I do I put great enthusiasm. I love exchanging ideas and perspectives with new people that I bring back into my everyday work. I tend to ask myself a lot of questions as it is important for me to understand the “why” behind things without assuming or taking things for granted. I discovered though that there is not only one answer to all my questions, quite the opposite! To each question there are multiple possible answers, and often they all work depending on the perspective you choose to take.

At TCO International I support in creating projects and make sure that they run smoothly with efficiency and that all the stakeholders involved are coordinated and on the same page. Ready to intervene with a solution at a moment notice for any unexpected changes.

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