Coaching in the midst of Covid-19

How coaching can help you in this new world

The world has changed and it will never be the same. We all have come to terms with this.
We are also aware that when leaders are navigating a crisis they need to be supported while, at the same time, they need preparing to lead the organization into the future.
Finally, we are exposed to increasing evidence that coaching is a proven tool to help face these challenges and increase performance.

The TCO coaching practice brings to the table another type of evidence.

After investing into the Mentoring Camp in 2019 – a high-level professionalizing path for our coaches – and after delivering only virtual coaching with all our global clients over more than 10 years, we have learnt to conduct all our coaching following 3 basic rules:

1. The client is always in the position of chosing
2. We can evoke transformation only by connecting with the human being behind the story
3. Coaching is an art that requires passion, practice and discipline

This means that our coaching conversations are based on truly partnering with our clients who are ALWAYS in the drivers’ seat.
All our coachees are professionally supported to create value for themselves by enabling them to think, act and create value with others from a position of choice and awareness.

Unexpected events like the one that we are experiencing now can help to see life with increased clarity. They can also help to work even more purposefully on your vision, set more powerful intentions and goals based on a renewed understanding of yourself and of the challenges you are facing.
Doing this with our professional coaches, can help converting the current temporary transitions over which we have little control into permanent transformations that we want to shape and lead.

Our response to these needs of our clients are:

Individual Coaching

virtual and face-to-face

Team Coaching

virtual and face to face

Action learning
coaching platforms

To help you in this time of need, we have developed unique solutions such as:

  1. a series of online action-based coaching programs
  2. complimentary coaching for leaders responsible for maintaining workplace productivity in the wake of COVID-19
  3. an individual mentoring solution to assess and upgrade your coaching skills

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1. Our online action-based coaching programs

As an example of how our action-learning coaching platform works and adapts to your needs, we are developing a series of action-based coaching programs to help you manage these challenging times.


A course focused on keeping up appearances, managing your time, finding the right environment, designing your space, staying focused, managing relationships and maintaining communication, and creating boundaries between work and personal life.


A course with a free self-assessment questionnaire, a 3-step process to shift perspectives, habit-formation techniques, downloadable resources and an end-of-course completion diploma.


2. Complimentary coaching for leaders responsible for maintaining workplace productivity in the wake of COVID-19

  • Are you a leader with a long list of tasks and responsibilities?

COVID-19 has added another layer of complexity and uncertainty.

  • Do you have a decision in mind and would like another perspective?

Coaching from our professional coaches can help you come to the right decision and take timely action.

What’s your challenge?

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3. An individual mentoring solution to assess and upgrade your coaching skills

  • Are you an ACC coach who needs to renew their ACC accreditation?
  • Are you an ACC coach who wants to become PCC?
  • Do you want to use this time to develop your coaching skills?
  • Do you want to work with one of the mostly acclaimed MCC coaches, registered Mentor Coach, member of a highly selected group of ICF-nominated Assessors of Coaches and one of a small team of ICF Assessors worldwide?

Our individual mentoring solution gives you access to a simple but powerful and up-to-date assessment process.

The 3 steps of the process are

  1. Record and send a coaching session of 30-40 minutes
  2. Get your session assessed on the basis of the new ICF competency set and their relative PCC markers
  3. Have a 1:1 mentoring session and draw your action plan

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