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FREE ONLINE ACTION-LEARNING COURSE #3: Tapping Into Your Motivational Drivers

What are you doing to get ready for phase 2?

Do you want to be in the ‘waiting room’ as this phase unfolds? Or do you want to get back to the driver’s seat and have control over who you want to be in this new ‘normal’?

Do you want to become part of a community that helps you stick to your goals, supports you and is there when you need it?

To help you explore and act upon these questions we have developed this 4-level Action Learning Online Course – “Tapping into your motivational drivers” – a short action-oriented path that helps you identify:
• What is it that drives you?
• What is important for you?
• What actions do you need to take to satisfy these drivers?
• How can you use this knowledge with your colleagues/team/boss but also with your family and loved ones?

Through 4 quick, intuitive, and interactive levels you will:
• Learn about a motivational model
• Take a self-assessment questionnaire
• Familiarize yourself with a short process to work with your motivational drives
• Connect with an international community
• Be supported by a professional coach

What people are saying about this course:

In a moment like this where it is difficult to understand if my emotions are ‘authentic’ or influenced by the feeling of fear that surrounds us, the quest helped me to stop and get back to the ‘real’ me, identifying what gives me energy and motivation;

The uncertainty outside remains. But thanks to the quest I feel more centered inside and this helps me to have more clarity about the direction I want to give to my near future;

At the end of the quest I felt almost ‘relieved’ because I understood where my frustration comes from. I understood where it is useful for me to put energy and where it is not useful. Frustration comes when I put energy into clusters that don’t motivate me, but that, as per my education I think I have to cultivate;

In today’s highly uncertain world, this focus on motivation is an invitation to bring clarity to what is important to you in order to live better in the ‘now’ while building a clearer picture of what is next.


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Ps. If you already are part of the community, download the MyQuest App and login with your credentials to be connected even on the go with updates from your mentor and the community.

“Tapping into your motivational drives” is the third part of a guided learning path that we offer free of charge to our clients. It includes steps to support them working from home in these challenging times.
The fourth part will be published in two weeks’ time.

Marianna Amy Crestani

Marianna Amy Crestani is Head of the Coaching Practice at TCO International – Accelerating Global Agility. With over 25 years’ experience, we have supported more than 60,000 people in over 100 organisations across 140 countries. We provide customised solutions and open workshops for individuals, teams and entire organisations in the area of global agility. For more information or questions contact