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At TCO International we have observed that over the last decade coaching has evolved from a remedial fix for perfomance issues to a powerful tool for developing future leaders. The next decade, instead, wil likely see coaching become even more personalised, widespread, in the moment and demonstrably beneficial.

Our response to these needs of our clients are:

Individual Coaching

virtual and face to face

Team Coaching

virtual and face to face

Action learning
coaching platforms

Our coaching programs

While every coaching program is highly customized to the needs of the client, we also have coaching programs aimed at helping professionals develop global agility.


A 5-Step coaching process to support professionals in their new leadership role


Our top program to support personal development on an international assignment


Our latest coaching program to help you motivate yourself and your team in today’s new normal


What is ‘coaching’ for us

VUCA is a shared perception. Digitalisation, IA, globalization, automation are facts. The ever-growing speed of change is a fact. We ARE living in one of the most transcendental times in human history.

The only space for authentic and sustainable development is the HUMAN BEING. We believe that putting the HUMAN BEING at the centre is the most valuable thing that we can do.

We do not want to find a solution to VUCA. If we did, we would become victims of it. Our mission is to support our clients all levels to become agile leaders who can thrive in these conditions

Our secret?

Our coaches

Our success?

Always aiming to have an impact

Our strength?


Our focus on quality coaching

Since its inception the TCO Coaching Practice has been built on the belief that professionalism is synonym for quality in coaching delivery. To achieve an even playing field across the practice, the TCO Coaching Practice has been offering its coach Members a mandatory professionalization path


Our mandatory professionalization path offered to our coach members


Find out about our exclusive working method and how we ensure quality coaching


How we develop global agility through coaching

Leadership style
We support our clients at all levels find their own leadership style… so that leadership becomes the power of many.
Curiosity towards change

We support our clients develop a sense of positive curiosity towards change… so that they become the change.

Perfect solutions don’t exist

We help our clients move away from the illusion that perfectionism and ‘perfect solutions’ exist… so that they enjoy re-creating themselves with others.

Create opportunities from change

We help our clients react to the fact that the speed of change will never slow down …so that they create opportunities out of it.

Our coaching principles

Quality and professionalism are the guiding principles of our coaching. To do this, we hold an internal Professionalisation Path – the Mentoring Camp – aimed at bringing all our coaches at an upper PCC competency level and to exhibit defined behaviors of coaching excellence.

At TCO International we follow the International Coaching Federation (ICF) principles. ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. This is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.

Our approach to coaching puts the client’s interest at the center of what we do. We genuinely support our clients in making the choices they want to deliver a change that is sustainable and successful.

Coaching happens through conversations guided by a coach BUT according to what is most important to the candidate. The conversations are non-judgmental and confidential.

We always hold the client as being naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  Through curiosity, deep listening and intuition, we focus on the whole person to evoke transformation.


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