Our working method

Regardless of the coaching format used, we pay particular attention to the working method, which is based on three-way relational framework:

The person being coached
The HR department or superior
The coach

A 4-step process

The chemistry &
discovery session

It is between the coachee and 2 possible executive coaches to test the chemistry of the potential relationship from both sides.

This session allows the coach to gather a clear understanding of the context and of the coachee’s expectations.

It also allows the coachee to discover the coach’s personality and approach and actively choose who to work with.

The three-way

It is between the coach, the coachee and their hierarchical superior. A member of the HR department is often also present during these meetings to act as a guarantor for the process. During this session:

  • Objectives are shared
  • Coaching goals are set
  • Achievement indicators are defined.

At the end of this session, a contract covering all of the subjects discussed during the three-way interview is drawn up and shared.


The actual coaching program starts.

We advise sessions of 1 hour if done remotely or of 1.5 hours if done in presence.

The coaching program generally lasts 4-6 months with sessions every 3 weeks or so.

We advise holding the sessions in a comfortable and away-from-work environment.


The progress &
check-out meeting

If requested, we hold a midway point meeting in the coaching program. In all cases, the coaching program ends with a progress & check-out meeting. During this meeting the coachee describes their experience and the achievement of the defined goals. Their supervisor gives their observations regarding any progress noticed. The coach also expresses their experience with the program and proposes a review of the initially defined indicators. Post-coaching questions are also asked to set the basis for a longer term development process.

Our remote monitoring tool

As the coaching processes last several months, we have an online coaching database to keep track and inform all stakeholders of the progress.

On this database, the coach records:

  • Date of the session
  • Length of the session
  • Date of the next session
  • High level comment on the session (as shared with the coachee)

Access to the database is given to the HR Professional and can be used in any moment to keep track of the progress done.

The nature of the information shared on the database enables alignment on the coaching progress without breaking confidentiality of the coaching relationship.

The database is TCO branded and password protected

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