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What is the Mentoring Camp?

In today’s fast moving and highly demanding world of work, executives – be they talents, Country Managers, VPs, first-time-leaders, high potentials etc. – need AND deserve to be supported by coaches that are best-in-class professionals.

They want to work only with coaches:

    • who are used to delivering coaching remotely
    • who are exposed to a range of clients and thus are experienced,
    • who excel in building trust and rapport,
    • who can engage with the entire ecosystem around the coachee – supervisor, HR, HRBP,
    • who are focused on results,
    • AND who are able achieve all this while fully respecting confidentiality with the highest ethical standards.

For all these reasons, in 2019 we started to roll out the TCO MENTORING CAMP – a high level professionalization path for our affiliated coaches.

TCO International Mentoring Camp takes coaches to an upper PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level using a common framework and a common performance evaluation process, i.e. the PCC markers.


How our 16-week program is structured

A virtual
or face-to-face
kick-off Camp
Self-paced study tasks through an online platform
Ongoing remote peer-to-peer practice coaching sessions
Ongoing & online self, peer and mentor assessment
A series of
1.5-hour remote Mentoring Calls

Following the kick-off Camp, all the subsequent Camps develop around authentic coaching sessions conducted & recorded by the coaches-participants and assessed by the Mentor and by the peer coaches on the basis of the PCC markers

The TCO MENTORING CAMP is a high-level certified professionalization path led by one of the 10 selected subject matter experts in the world nominated by the ICF to update the ICF Core Competency model.

The entire path is supported by a digital platform of action learning and it is open to maximum 8 coaches per edition. Coaches who take part to the Camp are assessed at the beginning and at the end of the Camp.


The TCO Mentoring Camp is an ICF Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Program and grants 44 CCEUs.


Based on a remote format with a total of 36 hours of instruction, the TCO Mentoring Camps takes certified coaches to an upper PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level using a common framework and a common performance evaluation process, ie the PCC markers.


Testimonials of our first mentoring camp

Maintaining a professional standard in coaching requires investment at both personal level, from the Coach’s perspective, and at corporate level, from the coaching program provider. The TCO Mentoring program is a great example of how to support the development of professionalism in coaching at both personal and corporate level at once. Ultimately, this path guarantees professional coaching to TCO’s Clients when engaging with TCO International for their coaching needs.


The mentor

Deciding to become a coach is a life choice, it means choosing to dedicate your professional life to continuous learning for the sake of unleashing potential in others. As a coach you never stop learning from your coachees. Every single session is a world of its own resulting from a deep and consistent focus on partnering to ensure that what happens is truly connected to what the coachee wants. Doing this constantly requires passion, practice and discipline. The Mentoring Camp does this.


Head of the coaching Practice

The TCO Mentoring Camp has been a very supportive learning environment where the trust and openness of everyone has made it possible for us all to become better coaches.

Richard Cook

For me the TCO Mentoring Camp has been an opportunity to work on those aspects and details that allow a consistent and powerful approach under any circumstance.

Edoardo Ghignone

I have improved how I partner with my coachees in my coaching sessions, giving them more control of what, when and how they want to be coached and what learnings they are achieving. I was doing this already but the level and frequency with which I am doing it has significantly increased!

Helen Burgess

The focal point of recorded coaching sessions provided by each coach has enabled us to directly connect theory to practice. Because we use the ICF competencies as our guidelines, the learning has immediate application to achieving the next level of ICF certification.

Lisa Ross Marcus

The sense of professionalism and commitment to improving our work is paramount, alongside a real team spirit.  I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and build  connections with my colleagues and I have learned a great deal from them.

Julia Rogers
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