International assignments require 4 key competencies

Sensitivity to
organisational context

How can the Personal Agility Accelerator (PAA) help you?

There are 3 stages in supporting personal development on an international assignment: pre-departure, during the assignment and at re-entry. All these 3 stages and their respective tools are managed remotely through online platform and video conferencing tools.

The Personal Agility Accelerator (PAA) not only supports a successful experience of transition but also converts it into a longer-term asset in handling change at both an individual and organisational level.

Here are the 3 stages, the personal and organisational needs linked and our response:

Stage 1


How can I be ready to hit the ground running in this new cultural and organisational context?


How can we ensure the right level of readiness to ensure the assignment delivers on its objectives?

The PAA response:

A 90-minute debriefing on The International Profiler questionnaire to identify where to adapt one’s style for a new role in a new cultural and organisational context. Creation of a Personal Development Planner with actions to take in final preparation, and on arrival. This can be shared back with key organisational stakeholders at the discretion of assignee.

Stage 2


How can I adapt yet again with a fuller understanding of the reality on the ground?


How can we ensure that a climate of trust is established, and quick relationship wins are achieved, to maximise the success of the assignment?

The PAA response:

Two coaching sessions to ensure that the individual develops their focus in line with the emerging reality of their new role in a new cultural and organisational context.

Stage 3


What have I learnt about myself, others and my organisation that can serve the needs of my colleagues’ back home?


How can we ensure that the maturity of successful global assignees can support the needs for a more agile mindset throughout the organisation?

The PAA response:

Two coaching sessions to ensure that there is chance not only to reflect on the personal maturity that has emerged from the mobility experience, but also that this maturity becomes an asset in accelerating personal agility on return to home base.

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