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While change itself is nothing new, we all need to learn to ‘surf the big waves’ of disruptive change that are crashing across our organisations. Up to recently, these waves are the product of a tsunami of megatrends such as digitalisation, sustainability, a shift in global economic power and changes in how we communicate. They are now also impacted by the economic shake-ups caused by unpredictable pandemics like Covid-19.

TCO International’s Global Agility program is a blended learning experience that is an essential support for any organisation needing to get to grips with the change around them, and facilitate the strategic change initiatives they are promoting in response. It builds Global Agility: the capability of individuals to respond to disruptive change less instinctively and more intentionally.

Adapting to the global challenges we are all facing, this program is offered in two versions (click on each to learn more):

Global Agility Foundation Program

A 4-week online learning experience to THINK, ACT & ADD VALUE in a VUCA world:

  • THINK clearly in a world that is extremely diverse, unpredictable and ambiguous.
  • ACT consciously despite the disruptive emotions we feel when facing unpredictable waves of change.
  • CREATE VALUE consistently, when there is no guarantee for the outcomes, when the external and internal conditions change as we speak and when VALUE needs to be redefined permanently.

Our 4-week online program includes

Global Agility Questionnaire

The Global Agility questionnaire and initial reflection activities

Online action-learning

A series of engaging missions, with an online mentor and shared with your learning community

Virtual workshops

Three virtual workshops of 90 minutes each

Coaching follow-up

A 60-min follow up coaching session for each participant

How does the virtual path work?


Global Agility Questionnaire

An individual report to explore the 7 questions related to succeeding in a VUCA world

Virtual sessions

Three 90-minute sessions during which participants will explore the challenging questions linked to the 7 steps of the program


The Global Agility Platform for on-the-job learning with mentor and community support


Follow up individual coaching session to develop a practical adaptation plan

What people say

of clients would recommend the Global Agility Program to a colleague

“I found the course very effective, even if we could not participate in person. Zoom allowed us to exchange opinions and interact pretty well even remotely”

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Global Agility Blended

Our 4-week blended learning program includes

Questionnaire and reflection

A Global Agility questionnaire and initial reflection activities conducted online

Experiential workshop

A one or two-day experiential workshop

Coaching follow-up

Individualised coaching follow-up call to clarify the next steps in individual role

Look around you and realise how change is impacting your workplace. The Global Agility Questionnaire records your individual perceptions through the online questionnaire, and the workshop helps you to reflect with others on the impact of a VUCA World.

Be accountable for how you respond: from victim to creator. You will learn the importance of taking control of your own reaction to change, and applying it to some pain-points you face in your current role. The implications for your development will be explored through coaching.

In the one-day workshop you will build general awareness of the importance of building common ground with others despite individual and cultural differences.

Look at your own reaction, and learn how others may be different. You will draw on the latest neuroscientific research to understand ‘what’ threatens you personally in contexts of change. You will also understand by your participation in group activities ‘how’ you react.


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