Why we need to lead across boundaries

Organisations need leadership programs that help build an ‘Our Way’ for collaboration and participation across functions and geographies, often in support of its leadership model and values.

Influencing Across Boundaries is just such a program, facilitated by TCO in a number of our client companies, bringing together managers with a common interest in learning about how to integrate people, and build real inclusion in a diverse and changing world.

Distinguishing features of the program

During the program the participants will learn about:

Their present level of influencing agility combining 8 complementary approaches (4 push and 4 pull).

How to map stakeholders and prepare conversations to win their active support on projects.

The cultural conflict matrix – how to read 4 different styles for dealing with conflict and deal with them.

Handling your own influencing challenges with a more strategic approach, using Kano analysis, influencing vs manipulation, facilitating change oriented conversations, how accountability is reinterpreted across cultures, mastering the informal organizations.

Apply more serious choices of strategy when influencing others – widening your options to create connection with diverse stakeholders.

Use powerful insights from neuroscience and psychology to handle stakeholder’s disinterest or resistence in a context of change.

Discover and develop new sources of personal influence to reach your goals in a complex organization.

Conclude with an adjustment plan to build new influencing ‘reflexes’ – even at a distance.

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