Why we need to lead teams remotely

This is a new challenge for many: managers and their teams are, for the most part, now working at a distance.

There is the need to build both confidence in adjusting to the practical challenges of ‘virtual leadership’ of distributed teams while also maintaining the psychological challenges of connection, motivation and solidarity in times of extraordinary disruption in your personal and professional lives.

For the last 15 years of its 30-year history TCO International has designed and delivered programs/projects on virtual team management – over 1000 hours of virtual delivery. Here are some examples of virtual team development with our clients:

  • General Motors – Remote Leadership Model
  • The Bank of Italy, Bundesbank and Banque de France in leading major IT projects remotely
  • The European Central Bank – remote project management
  • Hitachi Europe – remote leadership skills
  • Deutsche Telekom – leading virtual teams
  • Fiat-Chrysler – remote communication across cultures
  • CNH industrial – remote team collaboration
  • FCA Bank – high performing distributed project teams
  • COESIA – remote talent development path
  • Luxottica – virtual communication toolkit for the company
  • BSI – succeeding in virtual project teams

We are also expert in the design of dynamic customized web-based learning with online monitoring by our facilitators and community exchanges through our partnership with the MyQuest platform.

Objectives of the Leading Virtual Teams program

To help participants to:

  • respond to the challenges of leading a fully distributed team from home

  • improve remote facilitation skills during virtual meetings to maintain engagement

  • support team and individual motivation in times of crisis

  • deal with cross cultural communication issues at a distance

  • deal with performance and accountability issues when the team is fully distributed

  • explore how to foster support and collective innovation in a remote environment

What you get

Full learning path

A fully integrated learning path focused on the practical challenges of leading remotely


3 x web-workshops of 90 mins


3 x ‘Quests’ to follow-up and consolidate the learning.

Live monitoring

Live monitoring of the participants’ contributions to the Quests by a facilitator

… and much more!


Indicative content

This is the indicative content of the program which can be modified to the client’s specific needs:

Online work + Mentoring & community Exchange 1

Virtual workshop 1

Challenges & responses to distributed team leadership

Online work + Mentoring & community Exchange 2

Virtual workshop 2

Facilitating virtual team meetings

Online work + Mentoring & community Exchange 3

Virtual workshop 3

Ensuring performance & well-being of the team

DEMO on how to support colleagues with their toughest challenges

‘stronger together’ process

1h individual coaching



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