Why we need to succeed across cultures

Building successful relationships with people from different cultures have always been a challenging task. This is especially true if you need to do it at a distance, without the usual face-to-face interaction we have been accustomed to.

We have therefore developed a 4-week online learning experience to boost your ability and your confidence in building successful relationships across cultures.

Our 4-week online experience includes

The International Preference Indicator (IPI)

A tool that establishes an individual’s preferences in an internationally diverse setting, an then produces effective strategies to succeed.


Action-learning to consolidate, extend & apply learning.

Virtual workshops

Three virtual workshops of 90 minutes each.

Coaching session

A 60-min follow up coaching session for each participant.

How does the virtual path work?

The International Preferences Indicator (IPI)

An individual report to explore your personal approach to ‘being international’

Virtual sessions

Three 90-minute sessions during which participants will be involved in interactive plenary and subgroup activities to explore cultural diversity


The Succeeding Across Cultures digital platform for on-the-job learning with mentor and community support


Follow up individual coaching session to develop a practical adaptation plan to manage more effectively across cultures

What people say

people would recommend this program to a colleague

I was able to look inside myself and look at how I learn and react, it wasn’t just about cultural interactions but our own inner dealings.

I found this training path extremely interesting, especially understanding my reactions and what is behind our decision making process, not only yes or no, but how our cultural upbringing leads us to make our decisions.

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