How we impact organisations

Our team in the Organizational Impact practice partners with clients on big questions.

Responses to these questions have a huge positive impact on business performance compared to the investment.

Here are some big themes where we have been part of the solution:

Maximising performance

Maximize the impact on manufacturing performance by developing the minimum number of people.


Culture of quality

Build a culture of quality where everyone sees working with quality as their personal responsibility.

Going beyond

Dealing with the ‘people factor’ to ensure successful mergers and acquisitions happened beyond the celebratory speeches.

Anticipate change

Develop company-wide capacity to anticipate change and remain viable in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our top 2 areas of focus for organisational impact

While every project is highly customized to the needs of the client, we also have 2 top areas of specialisation aimed at helping professionals develop global agility.


Our program to benchmark plant managers’ performance and build customised action plans


Programs to get your talents to work on megatrends which will impact on your organization


What is organisational impact for us

We work fast and develop innovative approaches, but we don’t do quick fixes

We are looking for sustainable impact with a measurable tracking of progress.

We see your organization as a complex organism, not a complex machine.

We choose not to work on changing the processes, procedures and systems. Others do that. Great. Important work.

Rather we shape the way people choose to behave. So that they can make the processes, procedures and systems work.

We find innovative ways to mobilize those people who will make the most difference.

We believe the long-term viability of your organization depends on its capacity to reinvent itself in the face of rapid disruptive change.

We are specialists in developing people’s change-ability, turning good intentions into positive habits and scaling them up (rather than cascading them down).

Come to us with a BIG QUESTION which depends on people for a solution – explore it with us and we’ll develop an outline of the approach we’d take. Then we’d take the conversation from there. Successful projects always start with an exploratory conversation.


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