START FROM YOU: a coaching and counselling project during the second wave of Covid-19

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is having deeper impacts on the wellbeing of people that the first wave.

More specifically, on an individual level it is causing high levels of stress, increased risks for burnout, reduced attention spans, contagious sense of victimhood and not though-out decisions.

On an organizational level, it is leading to increased absenteeism, low performance, further loss of turnover, low engagement and a viral sense of victimhood.

In the light of this context and of the risks involved, there is the need to:

  • see the difficulty of the moment as an opportunity for individual growth which, in turn, can lead to the well-being of the organization
  • support motivation and productivity
  • foster emotional balance in a phase of continuous change
  • strengthen relations and sense of belonging despite the isolation imposed by the situation

START FROM YOU is a ready-to-be activated coaching & counseling process that supports  conscious, sustainable and long lasting change in the person leading to an improvement of the well-being of the company.

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